To those who may concern,

Dear Colleagues,

Those who make presentations at the Congress will receive a presentation certificate during or after the meeting. Also, there is news about payment at the Registration page.

Look forward to meeting you online or in person.

The Organising Committee

  Note to Postponement of Abstract Submission

Note to Postponement of Abstract Submission.pdf

For those who wish to organise panel discussions, 

 Dear all,

 If you wish to organise a panel discussion, would you please sumbit the abstracts of all the presenters in your group within one MS WORD file and provide at least 10 key words for the panel at the beginning of the WORD file.  Then submit the whole lot to the web.

        Thank you very much for your kind concern and support.

        With all very best wishes to your 2022.

        The ISFC2022 Organising Committee.

To those who have submitted abstracts last year, please submit your abstracts AGAIN. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

With very kind regards!

Alex and Geoff